Dirt Nasty – 1980 [Shit’s crazy]

Even though we got 47 years of Rap and Hip-Hop history behind us, we aint no Peter Storm wearin fuck-boys, we still get down to what the fuck is good, and in this case, what’s fuckin funny

If the Rapping comedian MC Mitch-Ski could make us laugh way back in the days, in the days of way-back, then humour is still relevant today [did MC Mitch-Ski actually do any stand-up?]

We’re fans of Dirt Nasty, [an ex-MTV host and actor by day] simply cos it’s just silly shit, and still manages to be fresh as hell, so what if he’s some random Hollywood Hills homeboy

Unlike your favorite faggot-fuck rappers who dedicate whole albums to telling us how cool they are, the steering wheels and interior they have in their cars [still think that one is so messed up] and the garms they wear [the aural equivalent of watching beige paint dry], Dirt Nasty takes the piss

He wears ‘Members Only’ jackets for christs sake !

Thing is, he’s quite good at rhymin, ostensibly, he got flow

What we like best is not the faux 80’s nostalgia or obnoxious attitude, but the opening skit to the clip above

Glad to see we’re not the only ones that think ‘Games Workshop’ rap is corny as hell.

Pay attention British rappers.

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