Watchmen Trailer

Alright nerdlingers, put down your lead paint and listen up.
Watchmen, largely considered to be the greatest graphic novel ever written, is finally coming to the

big screen. It’s been a hella long time coming but creator Alan Moore has finally given his stamp of approval to a movie version. And who could blame him for holding out for so long?

We’ve all had to witness the rape of Spiderman, Daredevil, The Hulk, The Punisher and the Fantastic Four to name a few at the hands of the Hollywood flick factory. Frankly, being that Watchmen was a one off, it doesn’t have the legacy to brush off the damage that can be caused by a wack Hollywood representation.
But on the basis of this trailer, this should be an accurate reflection of the murky, thought provoking graphic novel. Time will tell, March 2009 to be precise
I sincerely hope that this song from the trailer is not in the movie though, because it is absolute turd

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