My Name is Earl – Earl 40

My Name is Earl and I’ll Rap your arse off, wrap it up in ‘pig latin in a blanket’ ebonics you’ll barely understand, and somehow, i’ll teach you somethin while im at it

The question remains, how many Rappers were discussing the dangers of phone taps two Summers ago?

If only Gordon Brown and the International Olympic Committee had been ‘Dancin on top of chariots, turnin tight ones’ back in Summer of 2006, the collective of British media mongrels in Beijing wouldnt be so shook right now !

“Beware of yo’ surroundings, ya gotta handpick yo’ cronies
Gotta be about your allowance, and X out all the phonies
Gotta watch out for them folks, gotta watch yo’ conversations
Gotta be careful on the phones cause them folks might be taping”

Mr Fatburger aka E-40 aka Charlie Hustle aka Forty Belafonte, enough already, says watch out for my new album ‘The Ball Street Journal’, in Spring 2009

Until then, buy my perfume, buy my diamond studded ice-picks, buy my water, 40 Water when you get thirsty

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