“Fighting with bouncers, and showin’ her bits”

Fuck what you heard !

Goldie Lookin Chain are dope, and funny…

Yeh, we said it !

The clips below are just the tip….

Have this pre-rec’d radio show that was recorded for Radio One back in 2004 as proof positive

G.L.C. on Annie Mac’s ONE WORLD Show, 2004

The show features music from Ministry, Beatnuts and bunch of others, members of the group read faux letters, discussing mushrooms briefly, they rip the piss out of John Peel [in a good way], ‘Dr Cum’ offers assistance on ‘lovemaking techniques’, they take quizzes, as well as reading out ‘divine’ recipes for ‘students or a pieces of scum with no money’

With names like Stressed Armstrong, Dr Boris Gobshite and the Fresh Prince Of Cwmbran, there’s no contest in the self-ridicule awards, still missing from the Hip-Hop Awards Show ceremony calendar

GLC dont just get votes for being jokey Rappers, they know their shit, they sample great Rap, and anyone that can get a mention of Scott La Rock into a Top 3 Pop hit, ticks our boxes

‘Remember Rap tracks in 87, even Scott La Rock’s up in Hip-Hop heaven,
Biggie and 2Pac RIP,
Even Jam-Master Jay’s in the cemetary’

Always take this mantra with you on your travels, ‘You may bleed from the eyes, you may cry from the anus, who cares’

not to be confused with..

which is also dope.

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