Fab 5 Frederick Braithwaite is indeed ‘Down by Law’

Graffiti Artist, music video producer, part-time actor and host of Yo! MTV Raps, Fab 5 Freddy [nearly 50 years old],  is a legend !!

Know the ledge of Frederick Braithwaite……..Scooby Doo!

It’s hard to believe that if it wasn’t for Freddy Love-Love, the whole concept and reality of Hip-Hop may not have turned out how it did. Fred played the role of Hip-Hop adhesive, inviting Bambaataa to the arty downtown gallery exhibitions like Keith Haring’s ‘Beyond Words’, remember this was over 25 years ago. Fred bonded relationships between ‘Charlie Video’ Ahearn and Bam and the Rocksteady dancers. He brought ‘art scene’ artists such as Jean Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol and Bob Mapplethorpe together with the graf scene writers or ‘spray painters’ as they were known back then. Greats like like Zephyr, Futura and Dondi et cet. If it wasnt for Fred, we wouldnt have Patti Astor as that early white hench-mob Hip-Hop crush either, mmm, Patti.

Fab 5 Freddy – Une Sale Histoire/ Change the Beat Original Full Version MP3

Fab 5 Freddy & Beside – Une Sale Histoire/ Change the Beat Original French/ Female Version MP3

This mural thing below was discovered in a 10-storey Manhattan limestone building loft in SoHo at the end of last year, it was in some loft that was used ‘as a kinetic space where artists created and experimented, where new art forms could crash, and people could cook a meal together and swap ideas’, sounds like some press release a twat done wrote. This was from a time when Lenny Futura was still writin Futura 2000, cos he was 16 [ he’s up too, with some dry-ass marker]. Futura did the sleeve design for the Freddys 12″ above, and of course he did the sleevework for a few more bits on Celluloid Records

As you will note, Freddy had a hand at graffiti, a hand like Jeremy Beadle

This famous Warhol whole car pastiche was assisted by Lee Quinones

Here he is throwin up some fresh hand-styles and skulkin about/ playin the role in Blondies’ Rapture

The clip below is Fred as Freddy Love, with a bunch of nutty Germans. Fred produced this 1983 obscurity for Die Toten Hosen/ The Increadible T.H. Scratchers, titled ‘Hip Hop Bommi Bop’, well of course it was. The track was co-produced by the band, Freddy and John Caffrey who had produced a few Gary Numan bits up until this juncture.

The concept of this video is very strange indeed; the scene is the jungle, Freddy is in a pot having salt sprinkled on him at one point, he uses a bone for a mic [naturally],  and once again, he dazzles us with his ability to Rap in a foreign language, go Fab 5 Friedrich. HotasBalls wonder how Freddy reacted to having a bunch of cracker-ass Germans runnin about ‘Blackened up’ for this promo….

This is Fred gettin his casual on with ‘my man’ Billie Dee Williams

Here he is interrupting Ron G execute that classic Jody Watley mix. Freddy works the camera while Kid Capri works the limelight, when they should shut the feck up and leave wee Ronny alone. Biggest shouts to wee Ronnys’ posse in effect, hollering the ‘Go Ron’ zulu chant…

On MTV again with Kid Capri

Here’s Freddy high-postin with George W Bush Senior, gettin ‘forceful’ accordin to the Dub

Down by Law

Jazz  drummer and composer Max Roach with Freddy & the New York City Breakers, Live at The Kitchen, L.E.S. NY 1983

On Venice Beach with NWA, check out my man with the caramel MCM

NWA – Behind the Scenes of 100 Miles And Runnin with Fred and Ted [Demme that is]

…and with a strangely silent Eric Wright

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