Chuck Chillout

On the 4th July 2007, Funkmaster Flex mentioned on air that he was a ‘student of Chuck Chillout’, in actual factual, he was more than that, he was the kid carryin the records for ole Charlie Turner

[nb. Does Red Alert still wear short shorts? ]

Before he was out of his teenage years, Flex had stood in for Chuck on WBLS, before he turned 21, he was hosting his own show

Below are 2 cuts from Chucks’ album ‘Masters of the Rhythm’ and station identifaction drops from Chuck’s radio show on WBLS, the station id’s were important

Ultramagnetic’s classic ‘Bait’ was a simple ID that Red Alert asked em to do for his show around the same period

D-Nices’ TR808 is comin’ was an ID that was constantly used as the show intro, for 2 years

Chuck Chillout – Chuck is Chillin

Chuck Chillout – Roll Call: Bronxwood Productions

Skinny Boys – Chuck Chillout Station ID

Deuces Wild – Chuck Chillout Station ID

Ultramagnetic MC’s – Chuck Chillout Station ID

Slick Rick – Childrens Story [Knock em Out the Box Mix] cut the eff up by Chuck

Slick Rick – Childrens Story [Knock em Out the Box Mix]

4 responses to “Chuck Chillout

  1. yo, any chance of reupping these files ?

  2. It seems that you may have the answer to a question I’ve had 4 a long time.
    I used to have a NYC tape (tape recording of Fri & Sat night hip-hop from WBLS and WRKS) back in the late 80’s with a version of Ultra’s “Bait” which I have never heard since.
    Unfortunately the tape disappeared (was stolen).
    This version of Bait had Ced Gee saying something like “give ’em bait” between verses. It was like he was sampled and a sample key was being pressed repeatedly for teh break.
    The rhyme verses with him and Kool Keith were the same (I believe) but the track was rougher…like a demo version.
    This may have been the radio ID version of Bait.
    Have you heard this version? Does anyone have it for download?
    Man, I miss that tape to this day.

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