Scarface explains why John McCain is a ‘Racist, redneck piece of shit, white-boy, short-arm, no top-lip movin, brown-tooth mother fucker’ !!

As the Geto Boys ‘Still’ finds its way into this weeks nutty episode of Family Guy, Face, ‘One of the greatest Rappers ever’, and a mean golfer by all accounts, shows up in these recent clips

He’s slightly perturbed about the embedded racism in the US, and in particular, McCain and the Bush administration

Sadly we dont get to hear him play the guitar [for very long], but we do get to hear him voice his opinions on ‘nigga hatin John McCain’

Cant say any fairer than that

Hopefully the next alblum ‘Emeritus’ due early December, will not be his last solo work, as he has already stated

Geto Boys – Still [Audio] from 1996

More old Face goodness here

New Face ‘Emeritus’ [Audio]

Bonus round Family Guy/ Office Space action

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