10 x Dr Dre ROADIUM Swap Meet Mix-Tapes from the 80’s…

Before Dre and Yella produced ‘Boys N The Hood’ , before Greg Mack and the KDAY ‘Traffic Jams’, before Ruthless Records went multi-plat, before Dr Dre was ‘buying MCM, Fila and Gucci, and diamond studs the size of marbles’, he was comin outta his teenage years and makin crazy noise across California…

Andre Young was producing records with the World Class Wreckin’ Crew back in 84 [alright, so weve seen the sequins], it was around this time he went by the name of the Master of Mixology, puttin out bootleg tapes of Rap tracks as far back as 85, and maybe even earlier

These were the days of the Radiotron, KDAY, the Mack-Daddy Record Store, the Cabbage Patch dance, and early documentation of early b-boy inspired Hip-Hop in German documentary, Breakin and Enterin [featuring a teenage Ice T]

Roadium swap-meets were just organised lawn sales in parking lots, and the Roadium mixtapes were simply another slice of old school Hip-Hop, this time, ‘West Coast style’. Mixed by DJs like Battery Brain, Dre and Tony-A [from Hi-C] amongst others, they were ostensibly 4-track [mash-up for want of a better term] mixtapes of the Hip-Hop smashes of the time, produced in bulk on cassette and sold at open air markets across Cali… later to be bootlegged further across the country

They had crappy photocopied covers, with somewhat shitty scratchin, they were raw, they contained hiss, [mmmm, tape hiss] and essentially, they were amazin’

The main thing about the tapes is that there were so many jams crammed onto even one side of each mix, and only a small number of the main bulk of the tracks were actually listed on the covers. 4-track mixtapes back then were the next level of listening and mixing capability, with layers and layers of tracks lasagne-style on top of each other, for the time, technically on some next shit…

With names like Buggin, Cuttin and Kickin, they may sound cornball, but the choice of tracks and the passion with which they were created is what makes them classic …. Not everybody back then was makin dope-ass mixtapes with Juan Atkins [Model 500], Mantronix and Maggotron on em ! There’s somethin Latin Rascal-ish about them, even if the Latin Rascals are famous for their radio broadcasts and choppy machine-gun edits, the Roadium tapes have that same untreated and unprocessed sound of the moment

Along with people like DJ Prince Ice and Battery Brain, Dre was one of the pioneers, and they are truly amazin documents of the time [shame his standard of productivity levels arent up to this kind of output in 2008]

Ten of the mixes [as well as the odd Battery Brain tape & World Famous Supreme Team Show] are all available to download here at WFMU, leave a comment while yer there, these are rare as hens teeth. Show some love, the chaps [Listener Fodder] have been upping these for a while and there may be more classics to come, even if the Roadium mixes are now spent

Wake Your Daughter Up have some more over here for all you completists…


13 responses to “10 x Dr Dre ROADIUM Swap Meet Mix-Tapes from the 80’s…

  1. I need all of these on CD and or to download .

  2. Classic Stuff…Break out the Nissan Trucks & El Caminos, Pinto hatchbacks, Beammers on centrons, Elite mopeds, Killa Daytons, Georgetown jackets, Bomber jackets, Fila wear, Link gold chains and turkish ropes, cruise Crenshaw Blvd, hang out @Fatburgers (now Chris burgers), Venice Beach, Banning vs Carson games, Crenshaw High Basketball, World-On-Wheels, Skateland USA, Skate Depot. Party with Uncle Jamms Army., Listen to KDAY mixes & high school countdowns.

  3. Anymore song lists. I Dj and have many but many were stolen original 12″ in my crates over 5000 records. i had A Nissan with lifts in the bed and still have my 500 sec cut convertible =) Mercedes got all the ladies in the eighties!

  4. nah, sadly no more lists, or Roadiums, Dre’s tapes are elusive to say the least… peep EBay and you may get lucky, I know there were CDs dion the rounds on there a while back

    we got plenty of treats, but sadly no more Dre tapes, just some Doggpound Gangstas on British radio, thats about close as we can get….soon come

    it was all about the BNZ way-back when….

    listenin back through Effil4Zaggin, Dre refers to his bleedin BNZ far too often not to be irked

  5. I need Hi-C & ect, I got the Dre ones from http://blog.wfmu.org/freeform/2008/11/the-mix-machine.html

    So if you have any of the others please upload somewhere so I get cop em!

  6. Where can I get a copy of the mix that Dr dre did with Mr postman? I can’t find it anywhere. I used to have it in cassette a long time ago. Please let me know because I would really like to have it again.

  7. Yo this is what I was telling folks a out for years. I grew up in the South Bay and my sisters boy friend used to collect Hip hop 12″s for years. I bugged out to them but at the time I could not afford to buy them do he told me to go to Rodiam Drive In on Sunday cuz they had a Swapmeet. He said go to the Asian cat by the food stand and ask about the tapes. The dude had on Oakley’s and was private Eye about the deal. I’d go there every other week and stock up. All my friends would copy them and rock them at house parties!! Lost them all when I left home. Thanks for posting them up!

    • DJ Tony A’s brother is a close personal friend of mine and I know he just posted up 4 different Roadium Swapmeet Mixtapes (that have been pressed to CD from the original tapes by Tony) on ebay. Inlcuding the 88 Boom N Bass. You should go check it out…theyre really cool…..he definately had some mad skills!!!

  8. Some covers were renamed like Panic zone which was originally called 20 Foe 7um and The Show was called Def. I still have the originals and currently converting them to CD. Hit me up at johnnyrdeleon@yahoo.com. I have 98 tapes and I’m looking for any I don’t have or lost.

  9. I want to know how can I buy these mixes.I remember them back in the days.I used to work in the swapmeet, please let me know.thanks.

    • I’m looking for any tapes that I don’t have but send me your personal e-mail and we’ll talk some more. Oh yeah, if you have Facebook, search “Roadium mix tapes” and you can see the covers of all the tapes I have.

  10. Damn, glad I searched. I had almost all of those. Some one was selling those down in San Diego at the Spring Valley swap meet in those days. I actually bootlegged those, since my name is Steve some people thought dre was talking about me on those intro raps where dre says “oh Steve oh Steve oh Steve just give me just one more tape!” I used those intro on my own mixes. Down here in San Diego at that time a Philippino DJ named Ricky Rick was doing some of the meanest 4 track mix tapes around. Thanks for posting. Panic Zone was my fav with early Biz Markie

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