Big Daddy Kane vs Rudy Ray Moore

Sometimes the simplest of things can bring the most pleasure

This was my favourite track off the 1990 Taste of Chocolate alblum from Big Daddy Kane

What in the name of feck this animated clip is about, is anyones guess…. but it had us laughin off our chairs…

Dont test a man and his shoes !

Check the ‘radio archives’ at SPINE for a fractous but entertaining tribute mix of Rudy Ray material by IG Culture

Get the real-deal ‘up close and personal’ on Rudy Rays ways over at WFMU

nb. The genius of Dolemite – “He refused to order drinks at the restaurant, and instead asked for a glass of water and a plate of lemon slices, which he then mixed with a couple of sugar packets to make free homemade lemonade”

RIP Rudy Ray Moore

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