the genus(sic) of sir mick hucknalls.

occasionally here @ hotasballs mansions, i have these ideas…

often precipitated, by the sweet leaf.(in slick rick’s voice)..well, here we go.

many people hate dislike mick hucknall for some reason, and sometimes i can see why.skinny white dude singing soul, it’s like fish in a barrel..but..examine your soul and you will find you have the disease…..of playahation.

don’t hate a man for getting, rich, banging top notch fagina, and being coke arrogant, sheeet, you’d be there in a heartbeat!

obviously, you fronted on mick huck the first time, but you won’t front no mo.

it would appear our crazy cousin’s from across the water, with the rappin’, been banging mick!(not in a gay way)

the evnadense…..m’lud

i give you

the only brand nubian song i even like..sampling HBTT(holding back the tears or folding back the queers, to you haters out there), throwing the tom scott drums in, bam! hit reckid!


ridgemont ford’s own z-ro’ understands mick’s style,as shown in the hook for this smash off his last lp.

my closing argument..

and g len(i reckon his real name is glen), clearly feeling some inspiration from the scouse soul man.this song is flaming.


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