Roots of rap. Part 1. Emmett Miller-The Gypsy

For those of you that call the golden age of the early-mid 90’s hip hop “old school”; here is the first of hopefully many lessons in hip hop history from us grumpy old men at hot as balls.

“How far you going back?”

“Way back into time”  All the way back 1936 to be precise. “The Gyspsy” is a song about a grifter trying to hoodwink suckers for their hard earned money. A subject  that’s still being  rapped about to this day.

The purpose of this feature is to highlight the belief that we have at hotasballs towers, that if you have a hip hop mentality, then you will recognize elements of hip hop in any musical genre.

This is especially powerful when you consider that “the gypsy” was written and performed by a white chap wearing blackface, backed up by a band called the “Georgia Crackers”. Now some may feel that this about as far from hip hop as you can get, hotasballs put it to you that hip hop is as much a minstrel show now as it was in 1936.

You decide.

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