Dirt Nasty- True Hollywood Story

So yep, this is a second time around for dirt nasty here at hotasballs, but listening to this track really makes me want to fight his corner.

This for me is the stand out track in what is essentially a comedy album simply because it is so honest. As a lover of introspective, storytelling in rap it’s interesting to hear a track about struggling in Hollywood as an out of work actor. (Dirt’s real name is Simon Rex, a former MTV VJ turned actor who’s biggest role was in the Scary Movie franchise). It’s not a world that many of us have first hand experience in and as most rappers tend to lie about how succesful they are, True Hollywood Stories is a refreshing antidote.

In the track, Dirt mentions how he used to wake up with hotties and now he wakes up with zombies. Guess this a reference to him being a former beau of sex machine hotel heiress Paris Hilton, as this picture documents.


But the jury’s out as to which category the duck faced skeleton falls under.

Peep the track
, buy the album and allow some originality in your life.


Bonus beats; Cracker Ass Fantastic:

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