the roots of rap part 2: Louis Jordan “Jordan for President”

Following up from Emett Miller’s 1936 trailblazer “the gypsy”‘ I bring to you another slice of American roots music that some would lay claim to being the first ever recorded rap song. I’ll be honest in that I know very little about this track or the artist but there is definetly some elements of hip hop in here. Not just in the rythmic, rhyming wordplay but also the bragadocio and of the course the influence that it obviously had on the first truly great rapper; Rakim. (Yeah I know that Eric B is President is mainly about the DJ but that’s what rappers did in them days, and anyone that knows will tell you that all of the creative elements of that duo were at the hands of the R. Yep even the production and scratching. It was simply a sign of the times that a good rapper had to have a good DJ to rap about, that’s why we never heard any Eric B solo material).

Anyway enough about the 18th letter. Check my man Louis Jordan and drawyour own conclusions.

Stay tuned for more roots of rap, history fans.

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