Muro – [New] Tribe Vibes Mix CD

Thanks to the good folk at, and spots like, uncovering the breaks that Hip-Hop beatminers have pinched from over the years has been a reasonably easy job of late. That’s if yer after stuff that HASNT been sampled by Madlib.

Compilation alblums of old breaks and sample sources come around like government scandals, and as an alleged King of Digging, Japans’ own Muro drops a bunch of Tribe Called Quest cuts, tracks and original breaks for the masses and mainscream on this double alblum.

The discs have been appropriately titled the ‘Movement’ and the ‘Love’ side, with the breaks featured on the ‘Love’ side. The true doozies are the treats for the folk that still dig. The 2nd disc is where the real talk is discussed, although there are a few killers on the 1st one. Some of the breaks are well known , some aint, but the format of how they’ve been blended together ensures that Muro continues as a major influence to the many across the globe that still buy bits of plastic to listen to on record players.

As far as we know, it’s out to buy from other sources from around the way, but we dont know em. In the UK it’s available from Juno, as is the tracklisting, get diggin’. You can listen to preview clips on Juno or you can rip the whole nine for nathan here.

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