UGK – Games Been Good To Me [Vid]

Here’s the latest video clip from UGK off the latest alblum UGK4LIFE  – Go cop, if you want/ can

The alblum is consistently bawdy and a good alblum generally, but feels like a cut-out or bonus disc for some strange reason

There’s alot of the usual subject matter on UGK4LIFE [Bun B box ticking I’d say]; Pimpin, Wood Grain,  Pussy, Dick, Drugs, Sippin & Substance Abuse et cet. Shame we didnt get to hear Bun in socio-political-mode for a change.

There are cuts that sound like unfunny Devin – Swishas and Erb ft Sleepy Brown, one where Pimp felt it was important to get across his views about hirsute ladies  – Harry Asshole [no, not a ‘hairy’ typo] as well as a truly unnecessary Akon addition, nooch.

Bonus Interview with Bootleg Kev outta Idaho

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