Man-Fan Central

As grown men, sometimes its good to flex a little fandom, keep those feet grounded. Sometimes it’s good to meet your idols and heroes, sometimes it aint and folk get dissapointed.

Here’s Pete Rosenberg doin the damn thing with Q-Tip on his new New York show ‘Noisemakers’, kinda like a Hip-Hop ‘an audience with’, almost.

Q-tip on Busta joining Tribe:

Q-Tip on meeting Dilla:

Thankfully the concept of simply sitting down in an armchair and breakin bread with someone [an artist youve enjoyed for years] is now takin shape as a freshly faced interview format.

Some old ‘Noisemakers’ bits….

And when a legend like Marley Marl is on stage, just casually chattin’ with the original Funky Drummer Clyde Stubblefield about how ‘Brown’ came up with the basis of the track, there’s really no complaints.

‘Back of the shop !’…

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