Charlie Rose meets Iron Mike Tyson

‘Ladies and gentlemen, the undefeated, undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the world Iron Mike Tyson –

He’s very soft spoken, but the man hits hard
Don’t sleep on him and don’t drop your guard
Cause he’ll pop you, stop you, then he’ll drop you
You wanna know who’s gonna win? Sure not you’

Spoonie Gee – Mighty Mike Tyson [192]

For starters, here’s an old ode to Mighty Michael Tyson on Tuff City Records from 1988.

It’s another track overseen by super producer Marley Marl and we’ve been into it since we heard it on John Peel !

Peep game for a great interview with the Love Rapper Spoonie Gee.

Novelty vs dopeness – KO DOPE

…and here’s one for the tourists.

Here’s the main course clips about Tyson.

In this hour long award-winning show, alongside the Director of ‘TYSON’ James Toback, Mike Tyson goes a round or two with American media icon Charlie Rose. Mike is still cuckoo, he’s ‘care in the community’ and nothing will ever change that. He’s a feckin legend but why does he insist on using words he doesnt understand? He even makes the odd one up.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Charlie shows Mike a clip of himself  in 1990…

Trailer for ‘TYSON’

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