Cassetteboy classic material…

The Apprentice; a telly show I’ve never watched [true story], my Mum loves it and it’s big small-talk across offices and gyms the country over. But if the true King of the Pause Button Cassetteboy has anything to do with a parody cut and paste-up of Alan Sugars irritting intonations, we’re down like Jacqui Smith at Jobcentre-plus

Here’s his first [painstakingly] chopped alblum that was released in 2003. If you dont know the name, the concept is simple, cut and paste [from tapes originally and recently working in the realm of visual as well as the aural], with mirthful consequences. Ostensibly, he creates conversations, discussions, music and comments out of snippets and soundbites from music, TV ads, well known TV folk small-talk and general pop-cultural ephemera, making the listener guffaw in the process.

He’s a bit Chris Morris, but not just as dark. He’s not unlike a Victor Lewis Smith for today, don’t know Victor? See Charlie Brooker for content association, but think 20 years ago !

CassetteBoy – The Parker Tapes


[as Cassetteboy himself has stated – This is not office-safe, ‘It’s a little bit smutty, so if you watch it at work, one of you will get fired’]


The Streets

Big Brother

Jamie Oliver


Bonus Victor [TV Offal]

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