HBO – Prom Night in Mississippi

In another short season of inspirational and enlightening HBO documentaries which have just kicked off recently in the US, July 20th sees a doc that has been described in the tag-line as ‘an eye-opening reminder that racism is alive and well in America’

It seems that the concept for the documantary was created by Oscar Winner Morgan Freeman. In an attempt to break down the racial stereotypes, and to combine annual proms for black and white kids, he agreed to foot the bill for an integrated school senior prom, of which hadnt been seen at this particular school before, this, his hometown high school

If you know your HBO, you’ll know that the long line of award-winning docs are not to be missed. Watch Pimp Snooky in Pimps up Hoes Down, or the blinkered insouciance of Mid-90s American youth in Gang Wars: Bangin in Little Rock for evidence. When the Levees Broke and the real talk of gang-life in Bastards of the Party, the history of black gangs in LA, are also good places to start in the history of HBO quality control. Keeps your eyes on the peer2peer prize sometime next week as im sure ‘Prom Night in M-I crooked letter, crooked letter, I, crooked letter crooked letter, I, Hump yo’ back, hump yo’ back I’, will appear on the internets soon after

Prom Night

Gang War: Bangin in Little Rock [1994] – Full Version

Gang War: Bangin in Little Rock [1994] – Kool Aid bonus:

Bastards of the Party – Full Version [Produced by Training Day director Antoine Fuqua]

Pimpin Snooky

HBO Summer Docs

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