Mike Allen – Capital Rap Show – Friday 16th May 1986

This is a doozy of a show, ripped from the OG tape. It comes in 2 levels of quality, it starts of duff, and after Bodyrock, is FM fine. A few bits from the start of the tape are from 85 and the rest is from Friday May 16th 1986. It’s just a typical show with stuff he always used to play [BAM] and dope stuff like the Le Blanc gear, Peter Piper rising 11 places to be the ‘highest climber of the week’, there’s an Omar Santana DUB, Mike even attempts to blag a pair of trainers, and that Charlie Brown joint?! See the good good people at BUSTTHEFACTS for seperate, much required CB goodness. This was broadcast the weekend before the tickets went on sale for UK Fresh, there’s alot of excitement in Mikes tone, erm, troops !

Mike Allen – Capital Rap Show – Friday 16th May 1986 A

Mike Allen – Capital Rap Show – Friday 16th May 1986 B

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This is what was sellin in Greek Street Soho that week. Peep REPO136 for more vintage Groove Records action

Groove Records Hip-Hop Sales Chart TOP5

1. 2 Live Crew – Trow the D
2. Ultimate 3 – Live
3. Run DMC – Peter Piper
4. Fat Boys – Big & Beautiful LP
5. Egyptian Lover – Ultimate Scratch

I only know the date cos Mike informs us that ‘Next Monday’, May 19th, is the day the UK Fresh tickets go on sale. Ah UK Fresh. There are no ads and very few edits to make from this master. The tape was given to me by a pen-pal many moons ago and was carefully pause chopped at the broadcast stage. The hand-style on the label is bananas, and it just looks good too cos it’s perishing. My favourie cut is the CB Girls You Can Make It which uses Vince Guaraldis’ piano music from the Peanuts theme – [Start of Side B]



Eddie D – Backstabbin
Jazzy Jay – So Def its a Def Jam
Ice T – Bodyrock
Fat Boys – Beatbox is Rockin
Bam – Funk You
Double Dose – We Got The Beat
Whodini – Im a Ho
Keith Le Blanc – Major Malfunction
Willesden Dodgers – Not This President
Keith Le Blanc – Get This
Keith Le Blanc – Major Malfunction
Keith Le Blanc – Heaven & Earth
Ice T – Ya Dont Quit
CM Dance – Off the Hook [Omar Santana DUB]
Fats Comet – ???
Beastie Boys – Partys Gettin Rough
Bam – Bams Theme


Bam – Bams Theme
CB Girls – You Can Make It
Tackhead & Cheese – Is There a Way Out?
Point Blank MCs – What The Party Needs
More Mike
Roxanne Shanté Featuring Steady B – I’m Fly Shanté
Groove Hip-Hop Sales Chart
Run DMC – Peter Piper [Check Mikes early sneaker blag]
Ultimate 3 – Live
2 Live Crew – Trow the D
Chuck Brown – Here We Go Again

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  3. any chance of reuping this mike allen show please

  4. Anyone know wher Mike Allen is now ? old Friends Ian Pearce & Tony Little trying to get in touch with him – Any info please email – ianpearce247@ntlworld.com – Thanks

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