Delocated – Adult Swim

Delocated is live-action situation comedy show that parodies the reality series format. It was created for Adult Swim by Jon Glaser [Tiny Hands/ Conan O’ Brien]. It’s Adult Swim’s first full live action show and is loaded with dry humour funnies, sick twisted relentlessly uncompromising funnies. If you watched Wondershowzen, you will know that ADULT SWIM compromise for no one.

The premise of this, one of our favourite recent telly shows from the US, is an odd one. We never actually find out why, but the central character Jon, moves with his wife and son to Manhattan as part of the witness protection program and winds up agreeing to take part in a reality TV show about the scenario.

Jon is a regular bloke, a regular bloke that goes to the store, a regular bloke that goes about his daily business, a regular bloke that flirts uncomfortably with strangers, all whilst wearing a black ski-mask, and using a surgically grafted micro titanium voice-harmonizer to keep his identity under wraps, as do his wife and son, Susan and David.  Susan hates her new name and ostensibly, he sounds like he’s constantly chopped and screwed, and he looks like a rapist. Tasteful.

Jon, may be a regular guy thrust into the WPP but he holds his ground, even though a would-be assassin played by Eugene Mirman is chasing him, whilst also being featured in a reality TV series himself. This is a show that Jon discovers whilst being incarcerated in his own apartment. Mirmans’ character, Yvgeny is a member of the Mirminskys, the Russian crime family trying to kill Jon [no reason given for this either]. He is also an aspiring stand-up comedian. Dont ask.

The writing is sharp and the action is fluid, its a show that doesnt wait for the audience to keep up with the joke, get involved before it becomes another cult classic.

Jon Glaser and David Cross are at the 92Y Tribeca in NY if yer in the area at the end of this month. The last one entitled ‘An Evening of Entertainment from the Witness Protection Program’ looked like a hoot.

The first complete season is on the torrents.

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