Hugo & Treats – Keep Pedalling…

Below is some seriously progressive pedal powered production from HOTASBALLS associate Treats, by way of all-round sound revolutionaries, Music From Speakers. In this kind of [Lupe Fiasco] kick push-esque homage to owning and riding a ‘sweet ride’, vocal talent Hugo finds his initial vocal style from sources that HOTASBALLS would rarely pay much attention to.  On this conceptually forward thinking project [a kind of Saul Williams meets Maxi Jazz at a Critical Mass rally],  it’s all about sample useage, anyone that samples DJ Shadows drums of doom and Queens’  Bicycle Race gets votes from us.  Open yer ears carefully enough to hear the sounds of spokes, brake screeches and various sampled bike components for verification of aforementioned skills behind the boards, and the detail that the people behind Treats will go to to make a beautiful and rhythmic sound. For more examples of Treats work and a few mixes involving HOTASBALLS, head here and keep up at the blog. If you are in Melbourne, listen to the recent live mixes from the blog, feel good about stuff and go see em live, they WILL make yer weekend !

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