a winner of…

an “actually good rap singer around now award” goes to B.o.B, who, when he’s not shaking off haterz calling him an andre 3000 clone (his name surely is a reference to Outkast though, who are from his city) and sounding like a good (yeah, i said it) version of Cee Lo, is becoming the personification of greatness..

managing to wring any more flavour out of Eleanor Rigby is achieved, and he manages to be concious at the same time.

unfortunately, homeboy thinks he’s “creative”, and the other half of his mis career, bobby ray, must be avoided at all costs, don’t say i didn’t warm you. fish through my man’s mixtape for some real inspiration, in a climate of wack.

B.o.B. – Lonely People

Beatles – Eleanor Rigby

[B.o.B. – Lonely People original sample]

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