Capital Rap Show – Westwood tape rips …

For those of you that know that HOTASBALLS are sittin on some gold-school tape rips, get ready ! There are too many to choose from, but we gotta start somewhere, you know weve upped a rare Mike Allen already, but we got plenty to choose from in the vaults. Tune in at the same time tomorrow as were gonna attempt to up some form of tape rip every day… Stay tuned, and dont hesitate to commentate

This double drop features BDP, and more importantly, KRS being friendly, well before the days of the KRS vs WESTWOOD hate fuelled session. They were really quite friendly at this juncture, cheer up lads… It’s KRS and Melodie [world] premiering the SELF DESTRUCTION track by the STOP THE VIOLENCE MOVEMENT.

Capital Rap Show – December 1988  [BDP: Stop the Violence Interview]

Capital Rap Show – Friday 15th February 1991 [Tribe Called Quest Interview]

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