LL Cool J – Go Cut Creator Go [John Peel Show 1987]

As you may be aware, HOTASBALLS are treating the regulars to a dose of wireless wonders during the month of August [we’re too good, we know].  Below is another offering of rare Rap radio from years passed. Todays is an insight into the world of British Broadcasting and how it played its part in the inception and introduction of Hip-Hop and Rap music to kids across the UK and Ireland during the 8os.

During this period, one disc jockey [yeah we said it] in the UK was dropping bombs  on impressionable teens, susceptive students and all manner of demographic groups that were listening to BBC RADIO ONE across the entire country at the time, his name was John Peel.

There is way too much to discuss on the merits of the great man, but if you dont know, take this as a little window into the world of John Peels broadcasting background before you go opening another browser full of tabs, you’ll be a while…

FYI – John Peels show during the Eighties was the first place I heard South Bronx, Hold It Now Hit It, the Disco 4s Stomp Stomp Clap and a plethora of incredible block rockin and mostly drum driven n’ bangin [and mainly independent] Hip-Hop and Rap.  John Peel was an incredible man, and simply had a great ear for a great tune. Of course that’s a no-brainer in broadcasting, but John didnt just play records, he had his views on the potty mouthed verbosities of the MCs, the individual subject matter in the tracks, and it was evident that he actually enjoyed the music.

The link below is John dropping Go Cut Creator Go by LL Cool J [and DJ Cut Creator] back in 1987, appropriately describing it as ‘Awe Inspiring’, and then announcing and illuminating us to the fact that the rest of Bigger and Deffer was lyrically ‘misogynistic and really quite sickening’. He evidently found it a ‘real problem’ with the lyrics being so disturbing that he couldnt bring himself to play the individual cuts. This instinct and passion for the music itself was what set the man apart from the rest…

‘Cop hold of this’…

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