“Friday night, spend money on a”………

Actually, youd have to spend money on very little this Friday night if gratis hooch, good craic, weekend sunshine in the city and throwback Rap is your bag, but you can keep the themes of the old school ringin round yer ears, if you wish…

Two London sessions tomorrow night, one from the awfully generous folk at Crooked Tongues and sister site Spine Magazine at Slam City Skates in Covent Garden and the second in the East Ends Brick Lane from FatLace familia Danny-Boy Greenpeace and the Love Spreader himself, OG Spread Love crew DJ James ‘LBNS’ Lebens….

Grab a free vinyl blend mix from the Take It Back boys here. The mix is a doozy but aint up for long. Its a straight up and down 45 min blend with quality tracks from the deepest crates, feat Doug E Fresh, Jazzy Jay, BDK, Low Profile, Lyte, Finesse, Nice & Smooth, Masters of Ceremony, Phase N’ Rhythm, Stet and more… All vinyl, all goodness

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