DJ Code Money & London Posse – Live from 1986 [Re-up]

Here’s a few clips from my land of birth, Ireland…

This time we got some audio of Code Money LIVE, we got a short clip of the London Posse from back in 86 and a couple of random doozys follow from there…

Tim Westwoods’ Justice Records artists the London Posse, had been touring the UK and Ireland with Big Audio Dynamite and Schoolly D/Code Money during the second half of 86. I hadnt known about the Belfast gig until I was on the bus home after work, and saw Rodney, Bionic and Sipho walking down a Belfast City Centre street, it was all rather odd.

I was 17, and very excited to see these people just mooching round my hometown. I didnt even believe it was them [and didnt wanna look like a fruit to my mates] until I’d seen the local evening papers Concert section that night.

Here’s some audio of DJ Code Money rippin shit up during the intro of the show.

DJ Code Money – Bubblin in Dublin October 1986

Shouts to an unsung hero, Mek Jagger for holdin it down in not so scary Eire.

This was the first show I ever attended, I saw the tour in Belfast and was so happy to meet what I hadnt questioned at the time was ostensibly a gangster, I asked him to sign my ticket.

For the record, I have never EVER asked anyone else to sign something in this fashion since.

I’ve also upped clips of the bloke that upped the vid, Deejay Mek from Dublin [get yer subscribe on, who knows what you’ll find, the boy got history] probably one of the safest and most talented Hip-Hop DJs youll ever have the pleasure of meetin’….. or bouncin’ about a club to !

MC Bionic & Sipho 1986

Deejay Mek

Mek raping Magic Disco Machine

One response to “DJ Code Money & London Posse – Live from 1986 [Re-up]

  1. hi craig..just wondering are you the same craig that me and mek used to hang out with at the dmc’s in london and in dublin back in the 80’s and 90’s…

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