my man….music mike.

we, erm, touched on this dude yesterday, but seriously, yo, this dude is bananas.

was he a dj? just a big music fan?slightly creepy?

does what he says, plays some slept on gizznems from back in the dilznays.but so, so much more.he edits a dope video, kicks a little k(nowledge), and gets the fuck outta there…

interviews too, check him interviewing/asskissing the dude from k.c and the sunshine band…more gas than exxon.

he goes deep like freddie west on this one!

the inspiration for that dodgy old party cut that ice t did, with everlast..anyways,

ill cover version of the excorcist.go, music mike.3.55 for the drums.

And….the guy is a radio buff, but to the extreme.

his other channel is all airchecks, jingles, and test broadcasts from throughout the states.

dude is off the richter

wacky d’s commercial from the 70’s.

act like you know.

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