in the caff with the missus on sunday morning, she opens up the guardian, and out pops the glossy mag, and who’s on the cover?

the kid 50 cent.

curtis is there inside discussing his co-sign-co-op of the 48 laws of power, of those books that people always say you should read, cos they read it in jail..a cold hearted self help book, if you will.

anyways, fuck all that, he’s still releasing bangers, “flight 187” being one example.

i could ramble on about how people get the wrong end of this guys career, focussing on the negativity, rather than the fact the guy has tons of charisma, is funny on record, and can actually rap.i know hotasballs is mostly a h8tr free zone, so i don’t need to.thafe.

coming off the back of releasing three dope albums for free, bussing his whole projects to great adventures out of his own pocket, and relentless jigga baiting.shouts to gervias for getting in the clip, too.

nice lil trip back the 90’s with this one, check fif’s comments at the end.

“they in rainbow club”

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