Mama, i made it!

wev’e kinda steered wide of the blueprint three here, iv’e not even heard it yet, for example..

normally we appreciate in heterospect here at “the balls”..mainly to show that wer’e not on ANYONES dick, these are our real opinions and the tastes displayed are mainly to be edumacational to lames, and mainly about showing and, possibly proving we are indeed, the shit.


rap finally got on oprah!!respect to shawn for that alone.two worlds meeting at last, at least officially, you know, as in, on the telly.i grew up on oprah, via my mum.oprah and cosby.

so to see the jiggaman get the oprah treatment is, for me, some kind of cultural moment.

he did a quincy and took her back the block.

i love the internet, for things like this..third person footage.

as you were..

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