Bombs Over Baghdad; the best song of the decade?

Those good people at Pitchfork magazine recently compiled a top 100 or something from 2000 to 2009 and Outkast’s crossover hit B.O.B. from early 2000 topped the poll. Couple of things come to mind here, firstly, where the fuck have the last ten years gone? And secondly, hasn’t it been a pretty disappointing decade musically?

B.O.B isn’t a bad song, it’s a pretty good song in fact but when this came out did anybody consider that it would all be down hill from here?

I remember when I first heard it thinking that it would it was a step in the evolution of hip hop music, the beats were hard, the raps were fast and most importantly, the cuts were fierce, I was so pleased to hear some good scratching on Radio 1, I remember thinking that it’s how Ultramagnetics would probably sound if they were still doing it.

But the best song of the decade, best song, not best hip hop song, best song period, that’s a strong statement, trouble is, I can’t think of anything that should have obviously been voted best song, it’s been a decade saturated with cheesy, materialistic, faddy, dance based music. The reasoning for Pitchfork’s decision was that it summed the decade up, influencing the rest of the decades musical output. Whether or not you think that is a good thing is prolly a lifestyle thing.

For sure, the early years of the 2000’s (I refuse to call it noughties) was a time when musical boundaries were blurred thanks to the likes of Outkast, NERD, Gorillaz, The Streets etc. It was a time where “black” music gained mainstream popularity and became the soundtrack and fashion of young City dwellers. Who’d have thunk it that the bloke from Goodie Mob would have had an international chart topper, or the curly top from N Sync would have a massive hit that featured a couple of alleged coke dealing, rapping brothers from Virginia.

It seemed like it was going to be an interesting decade, we had The Strokes, The White Stripes, NERD, BRMC, The Coral, Clipse, however despite a promising start, this decade has actually seemed to lose its initial impact as the musical styles got watered down and actually regressed leading to shit like The Hives, The Vines, Razorlight, Kanye ‘Jack ass’ West, Lupe Fiasco, Kings of Leon,  Crunk, Hyphy, UK Garage, Bass Line, Grime, New Rave, Emo,  Screamo and a whole host of other buzz terms, plumped up with lightweight acts, soon to disappear, just so as the media could have a ‘scene’ to excite morons with. And that’s why even young people are often quoted stating that they don’t like current music.

Aside from that, we also had mediocre albums from other established acts, Eminem never dropped the classic he promised, Stephen Malkmus had a decent solo debut, followed a bunch of others that weren’t as good as the first and not a patch on Pavement, Chronic 2001 was disappointing and Detox never saw the light of day, Chinese Democracy was bullshit, Snoop dropped a series of lackluster efforts, Ryan Adams went from being the new Bob Dylan to the new Sting, Ben Folds lost his 5 and much of his charm, and Rakim never came back to save us.

Time will tell how music from this decade will stand in the future, I have a feeling that in 40 years from now, walls will still be adorned with images of Elvis, The Beatles, Hendrix, The Doors and Nirvana, not Hadouken, N Dubz or Rhianna. But that’s just my opinion, what do I know?

But it doesn’t have to all be negative, this has been the time where artists took the music back for themselves, made their own music, under their own terms and put it out themselves, I like to think that there is so much great music out there that just hasn’t been received yet, some day, digital diggers will plough through old myspace pages, searching for undiscovered gems and either re-working them or trying to bring them to a wider audience.

Is B.O.B the best song of the decade, what would you lovely readers say make the best songs of the decade?

Answers on a postcard to the usual address, or just leave a list in the comments section and please keep it to 10

For what it’s worth, here’s 10 of my top songs from the decade, in no particular order:

1)Little Brother- Whatever you Say.

2) Edan- Fumbling

3) Murs- The Pain

4) Why? Sand Dollars

5) Edan- I see Colours

6) Atmosphere- God Loves Ugly

7)Mercury Rev- Nite & Fog

8) Evidence & Alchemist- So Fresh

9) Devin The Dude- The Briar Patch

10) The Shins- Kissing The Lipless

2 responses to “Bombs Over Baghdad; the best song of the decade?

  1. i mean, i love that alc and evidence song, but is an emoticon really how we do do, at “the balls”?great article tho, mayne.

    • hell no, but when you type number 8 followed by a bracket it automatically makes an emoticon, which is both bogus and sad. Sine compiling that list it’s changed in my head about a million times, stuff that should be in there, stuff that should be removed etc, so maybe it wasn’t so bad after all.

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