for all those..

who thought lyricism, and, the funky drummer was dead, your bowl of diccup, the player haters way to start his day is on the side.

getting soggy.

tidied up 320 audio here

notice how mos def emphasises that he’s black dante, next to Black thought, and, errr…eminem.

they all drop more gems than those dudes in bond street a few months back…

mos is very precise, almost scientific, but definitely the best and most engaged i’ve seen him.

black thought is a nice surprise on the b.e.t awards, but i always forgot just how big the roots were, and he’s got better too, the lower tone is dope.

the opening lines are just redankulous.kane is back.

eminem gets the wow factor with the crowd, with a spomtaneous response you only really get from live rap.

it’s a good format, nice to hear which emcees can actually hold up 32 bars, without breathlessnes or the need for treach style punch-ins.

osama, dahmer, obama and the dali lama.say it with me.

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