is it real?…really?

so.side issue : i’m a fan of both jamie foxx’s comedy, and plies version of florida spiritual gangsterism.but enough on that, let’s go behind the scenery..

we know that gangsta rap isnt real, don’t we??,i mean, don’t we??

i mean, we ALL KNOW that wrestling, stuff like the  w.w.f (of old) is staged, dont we?, don’t we???

but,i can remember at my school, there were kids who would say something about the ultimate warrior being, and i quote “a great athlete“..

but we all KNOW that rappers arent really the dudes they say they are on records, don’t we…?”

easy e was”, thats why he died of aids (no harty)

i only ask ,because there is blurring of the lines going on, between rap and reality, now more so than ever, the “if they weren’t doing this, they’d be doing all those things they say they’re doing, it’s expression, mum,a lyrical murder” kind of thing…ok?

the legal woes of rap singers give enough credence to these guys boasts of toughness, so the lines get blurred that way, too.”but, i heard, snoop was a shooter”, that kinda shit…iv’e probly said those words myself, believing in some way that it helps add some extra weight to his rapping ability, that being a huge personality, having a dope voice, style, flow is somehow enhanced by knowing that when he’s rapping bout killing, which he used to do, back in the days a lot, he might of actually done it…

so, we listen, and secretly wish we were that hard, that we wouldn’t take shit from nobody, and we did,we’d cap the dude for the disrespect, all on the tube to work…

speaking as a dude from one of the greenest parts of london, having never had to “put in work”, not even at college (geddit), ever even handled a real firearm, but listened to the murderous rants of a thousand comfortably rich men, who have had a few years in the drug trade, a brush with the law, and a rappin’ redemption(i mean if they were that rich, why dont they retire?) a few too many times probably for my own health, and i would conclude, that “artists” are essentially whoring their so-called lives, hoping to parlay a drug career, normally an unsuccesful one, if the amounts of jail tattoos in rap are anything to go by,into a rap career…boo boo into 50 cent,par example, the “real” 50 cent, who would have been the one shooting at his rap namesake, if all accounts are to be believed is co-opted by the young curtis, to bolster(replace) his own rep.

and there i go, basically saying curtis is not as “real” as the real 50 cent, who, while succesful as a stick up kid(cool?), was no mc/rapper, and certainly doesnt have Curtis’ charm, drive, and of course, rapping ability.and as we’re talking bout rapping here, is the important part, cos without 50 the rapper, you wouldnt know about fifty, the robber.capiche..?

listen to the clip, listen to how the megastar, foxx, claims only to have heard the “good” plies songs.funny, i heard the good songs too, discounted the shitty “for the ladies” material, and stuck to the pain, struggle, success, and tragedy of plies “life”, captured on other words, you couldnt be aware of the dude without knowing his image, goon chain an someone else commented on another blog..”how the hell does running from a thirty to one fight make you a pussy?”, it’s something we all would have done, especially if you were shirtless, as we know algernod would of been, prolly with all three of his goon chains on..

there are several pieces out there on the haterweb, trying to put holes in peoples credibility. i just read one myself about this very subject, so it seems we do believe these guys, on some level, or we wouldnt be “shocked” to find out that plies that when faced with 30 t shirts, ran in the toilet to hide…

you would too.pussy.

One response to “is it real?…really?

  1. Plies has a strict 29 bodies a day rule, I heard it was in his contract. Having to comply, I hear, makes him a bit queezy, thats why he ran to the can. 1

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