“you get the laugh, then you seen where youv’e been..”

i ain’t gonna front and say i was a big fan of the black keys in the past,i liked the band and the production, but i always thought the singer was a bit wick, wick wack(sorry).it appears i wasn’t the only one thinking that, cos dame dash( he has no idea how camp that sounds),the man behind jay-z, has dragged them to new york to work with some of his peoples in the “field of hip-hop” and let’s just say i’m hyped about the results…some sort of super-trendy version of the judgment night soundtrack: BLACKROC.

now for the cool part. video from the studio sessions..

lovely old analogue gear and cool white dudes seem to have the rappers sprung, ,and they rise to challenge, and come with it.

in this clip, mos def, who i’m liking more as i become less of hater, vibes with the band, and make a song.he can’t sing..but.

jim jones, rap’s pauly from rocky passes through, and “feels it out”, whilst puffing the magic dragon, and actually spits some poetry.

rza smokes out, grabs the guitar, i cringe, then stands up and directs a masterpiece.you can see the abbot’s brain working.awesomes.

nikki wray and jim jones come, through, dash accafools, and the magic is in the air.no phil collins.

the l/p is out on the 27th.

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