Funkhousin the set…

Due to their refined acting skills, comedic sensibilities and impeccable timing, two particular characters have been specifically highlighted in the latest season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, one has been Larrys new house-mate Leon and the never-ending one-liners from actor JB Smoove, and the other is the man with long line of signatured tracksuits and the oddest lookin syrup we ever done seen, Marty Funkhouser played by Bob Einstein

After picking up a handicapped woman [quite literally in one scene], Larry heads home with her to find that she feels nothing ‘downstairs’ because she’s disabled from the waist down, or is it due to Larrys lack of game in the bedroom region? Remembering that the show is pretty much improvised the whole way through, this kind of material is bananas

Classic Leon and Larry from Denise Handicap

Leon: You did your dizzle on her, right?
Larry: Yeah, I did my dizzle.
Leon: That means you did your fuckin thing. Bring the fuckin ruckus to that ass, Larry.
Larry: Oh, I suppose you think you could’ve gotten a response?
Leon: You God damn right, Larry.
Larry: Bullshit.
Leon: I would’ve had that ass tap dancing, Larry. I don’t fuck around. Give me her God damn number. I’ll go over there and twist that ass up, Larry. I’d bend that bitch like Beckham.

See for yerself, the entire Season 7 is below…

Shouts to Truth from PhilaFlava

1. Funkhouser’s Crazy Sister

2. Vehicular Fellatio

3. The Reunion

4. The Hot Towel

5. Denise Handicap

6. The Bare Midriff

7. The Black Swan

8. Officer Krupke

9. The Table Read


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