Mel Brooks honored by the President of the USA

Hip-Hop and Rap on record was barely celebrating its 5th born-day in 1983, but as a Northern Irish 14 year old from a protestant home, I recall watching the Hitler Rap on Top of the Pops thinking that the Rap, and more importantly the writing, was incredibly in-depth, may have been even more detailed or educational, and certainly way more interesting than the rhymes from artists such as Terry La Rock and Run DMC at the time

Leading to a never-ending fascination with Jewish comedians and writers such as Rodney Dangerfield, Groucho Marx, Shelley Berman, Robert Klein, Jerry Stiller, Andrew Dice Clay, Woody Allen, Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld; Mel Brooks’ brand of humour has stuck with me to this day

It was great to see the President of the United States revere Brooks at the White House recently, even chuckin a couple of one-liners and a dash of comedic technique of his own in the mix. Dont forget that he’s one of only ten people to have won an Oscar, a Tony, a Grammy, and an Emmy, Brooks that is, not Obama. One wonders if the ‘Up yours Nigger’ line in Blazing Saddles caused the young Hawaiian to chuckle or not…

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