Dr John – Jet-Set [Produced by Duke Bootee]

Top of the mornin to ya Guvnor?

We thinks that old Dr John may have got his Irish/ Brit colloquialisms mixed up there, but no mind

This is a true quality novelty record, that actually works just fine as a decent throwback track. The reason for that is not only down to Dr Johns way with words that rhyme, but also due to the production, as ever, and this time, it was by Sugarhill mastermind, all round Rap-music legend, and unsung Hip-Hop hero Duke Bootee

Bootee was the force behind Melle Mels’ The Message, the very song that started my fixation with Hip-Hop as well as a few block-rocker classics on Profile Records;  Masterdon Committee, K-Rob, Word of Mouth with DJ Cheese et cetera

The clip is the star here tbh, a stereotypical video with the ubiquitous break-boys dancin and graff and the usual street scenes of New York City from 84, beautiful stuff.

Take note how the theme is jet-setting across the globe without ever leavin the ground, but the budget mustve been tight, close-up shots of a hot-dog and mention of a woman called Natasha to represent Moscow and a white woman in a kimono repping Tokyo?!

And what goes on in Glasgow?
Dr John – Jet-Set

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