new J Rocc mix for Supreme

Supreme, the NY based clothing label, favored by aging B-Boys, well dressed skaters and Asian people since 1994 has teamed up for a second time with former World Famous Beat Junkie, J Rocc for this exclusive mix.

It’s mostly breaks, many you heard and many more that you haven’t, smoothly blended and juggled with minimum fuss by the Stones Throw stalwart. it kicks off with the track that Portishead nicked for Sour Times, I believe it’s called ‘A Midsummer’s Night Murder’ but I’m not too up on these things, and that pretty much sets the precedent for the next 45 minutes, not exactly floor fillers but not exactly chin stroking neither, a happy medium of good songs that plays nicely in the headphones, like all mixtapes should.

Here it is y’all

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