Banksy’s Exit Through The Gift Shop Intro

Go see this film, if only for the inter-sparsed soundtrack bed of heavy-weights beats and score from yer man Geoff Barrow [from music combo Portishead]. This mans output [like Banksy] is beyond demonic at times. Keep yer ears on the prize

Ostensibly it’s a movie about the effects and social impact that graff, general vandalism and street-art have had on not only our own inner city environs, but the big bills high-end of the art world. The simplicity and ease that it takes to gain a reach-round from the story-hungry media dahlings is shocking and thoroughly depressing in this day and age, but actual factual. And even though bombin and gettin up have been a contemporary subterranean subculture for a few decades already, this flick concentrates less on Banksy and more on how Banksy has changed the game virtually on his jack [even in White Leather Reebok classics].

It’s a great film about gettin up, markin spots, hittin reaches and most prevalently gaining fame, not forgetting marking territory like a urinating dog and bein a wee shit by putting your mark on someone elses property end of things. The fact that Mr BrainWash [Thierry Guetta] is the central the subject of this film is a total accident, he was in the right place at the right time, he’s a major bore after not very long and you can tell how Banksy feels about him from the jump. Banksy has undoubtedly created a monster, a creature that has turned out to be an artist of worldwide renown, that any graff writer will tell you, is a twat. Great film though

…plus an alternate Banksy work for all the mistrusting ladies out there…

3 responses to “Banksy’s Exit Through The Gift Shop Intro

  1. yo, remember when you stole that Shepherd Fairey print when he dj’d here in London and he chased you?

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