Unreleased Boogie Down Productions

Boogie Down Productions – Nah Go Commercial

…and not even to be found on the ‘more thorough than your borough’ 6 volume/ 80 track blog-drop of doom, the KRS1 non-album track post from the good folk over at PhilaFlava, yet…

This web exclusive was never available to buy on an alblum, nor 12″, nor mixtape nor nathan, but now you can own this very special version, taped off the radio in early 1989 [on a shitty ferric cassette with what feels like noise extension as opposed to noise reduction]. The tape still includes dusted sound and a shard of Tim Westwood gabbin on for your entertainment

This cut was probably recorded as part of the sessions for the Ghetto Music: Blueprint of Hip Hop alblum, simply never makin the finished product. It’s only a short track, but its interestin if yer a KRS completist. It’s a loitering, lolloping slumper of a cut, and one of the reggae influenced tracks from the Ghetto Music full-lengther not unlike Hip-Hop Rules or Bo!Bo!Bo!

Leave a comment and let us know if we should be posting more rare and unreleased Rap, or alternatively, dont bother yer arse and we’ll let it gather dust in shoe-boxes for you to be blissfully unaware it even existed.

4 responses to “Unreleased Boogie Down Productions

  1. this was when they came to be on ensign radio.i used to have that appearance in vhs.

  2. Props for this track. Hilarious, how he talks about “love songs on the radio”! KRS’ dancehall style was dope back in the 80’s.
    Yeah, please drop some more rare/unreleased stuff. I love unreleased/demo/rare shit.

  3. Again, please dust your tapes off and bless us with more goodness like this BP track!

    • Cos ye said please, consider it a pleasure home-piss

      No more BDP rarities, apart from the Live Show from the T& Country Club, but thats a different story, he-he [thinks about how much paper he can make tradin these doozies]

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