the evolution of Denny Blaze.

Denny Blaze, commonly known by his stage name The Average Homeboy, “”Blazin Hazen””, is an American rapper made famous for a demo tape produced in the late 1980s featuring his single “The Average Homeboy”. The video was widely rejected by record labels and allegedly sat within a box at an MTV Studio for 17 years until an employee discovered the video then uploaded it to YouTube.[1] Subsequently another demo video of his surfaced known as Blazin’ Hazen. Soon, his videos made primetime as they were featured VH1’s Web Junk and Best Week Ever.[2] Denny Blaze has since released two albums under his own label, Blazin Productions. 2010.

truth be told, i recognised dudes voice after hearing it the alchemist lp, chemical warfare.but, now, consider me BLAZED.
this guy is the real thug motivation.

3 responses to “the evolution of Denny Blaze.

  1. Hey Hot-as-hacks.. mmm dunno. Kinda missed me with this one.
    Surely with no actual jokes, beats or one decent ryme and considering the “Posh white guy rap bit” has been done by every 2nd unoriginal comedian on planet earth.. I don’t follow quite exactly why this guy isn’t just “some cunt”.
    Peace Cau-cusins.

  2. (F.A.O Irish Craig- not 4 print) Homeboy released me inner grouch and now I feel like a right old hater.. not intentional!

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