“I cant believe you ripped off my style, but thats o.k, cos it made me smile”

In the latest spat in what should never be described as a contemporary Welsh ‘Bridge-war’, Goldie Lookin’ Chain’s P Xain, alias Dwain Xain Zedong, alias Rhys from the band, smiles knowingly at the blatant swagger jacking that’s been going on with internet sensation “Newport state of mind”…

Here it is on the news. This is the kinda publicity G.L.C. never had and we’re a bit pissed off about that, thass the kinda people we are…

Not only had the Chain already considered this concept, inserting Newport over the original Compton, in “Newport’s in the house” back in 2006, but whoever these fake two on the news are, they need an ass-whoopin. That wack shit gets no play in this ride.

As you can see below, showing maturity, which to be honest, we didnt think they had, Rhys answers it, line for line, pointing out the errors, and generally styling on these two with tales of the real Newport. Does Rhys from GLCs typically waggish reply Rap have any grounding in a throwback perochial rivalry from the days of way-back, or was ole Gavin & Jay-Z creator Alex Warren an old local rhyme spar? Does anyone care?

Irrespective of that, it’s still interesting to see some of the fundamentals of Hip-Hop being recognised in 2010. Answer Raps are still functional after all the Roxanne shenanigans all those years ago? Who knew? Rhys sounds clean and distinct on the mic alot of the time, and generally, G.L.C. know how to spit compared to yer man, who requires subtitles. And theyre funny as all hell.

Anyhoo, biggest shouts to the Originoo Welsh prankster Rappers.
Ohh, son, bonus, the G.L.C. Guide to Leisure-wear.

3 responses to ““I cant believe you ripped off my style, but thats o.k, cos it made me smile”

  1. fuckin’ alllright.!
    send in the d.v.s, that will sort the clarts out!
    up the hoods!

  2. the bespoke hi tec silver shadow are iller that an aids patient.

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