Nothin But Us..

from Ski beats’ 24 hour karate school, which is shaping up to be something special.

here, spitta & smoke dza glide and ride this horny beat like a pornstar…

and, as it’s friday, get high day, devin’s apperance on the highly acclaimed, and half-brilliant pilot talk.

4 responses to “Nothin But Us..

  1. That Curren$y and Jim Jones song best be on that Ski Beats album.

    Great blog, btw.

  2. I had noticed that, but then i’m someone who considers Rocky 4 one of the greatest achievements in the history of cinema.

    This is the Jim & Spitta song. No proper version of it without all the dips in sound has been released to date so it really better be on that Ski album :

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