Album of the week..

definitely is the Kicking Incredibly Dope Shit (kids, geddit?) mixtape, although it feels more like an album,it’s so good, from Mac Miller.

it’s real breath of fresh, weed infused air..he manages to be likeable, in a porky’s, bueller kinda way, has good rhymes, and his beat selection is dope as f__k.

orignality, and familiarity on the same dude.the proof that hiphop won the cultural war that was the eighties,  as this shit is some post-racial,

2010 hip hop you wont diss and dismiss.even us bitter old haterers have a soundtrack to the late summer evenings.

and, in order to prove he can rhyme with the “best” of  em, he drops by statik selekta and rips it.really rips it.

and the kids just graduated high school, for fucks sake!…eminem is starting to feel like a long time ago,  huh?

you can pick the tape up anywhere online, and i personally suggest you do that.

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