Katt Williams Pimp Chronicles rehearsals AKA Get your paper boo-boo

A few bullet points about this footage

  • It’s RAW like Black Rock n Ron
  • It looks like a typical pre big show tester in a smaller local venue, rehearsing and testin segments for the Pimp Chronicles concert in Atlanta in 2006 which went on to be a DVD release for HBO
  • Be prepared for people walking in front of the camera on the reg
  • Steady-cam? More like unsettling camera work that was being shot by someone using a keep-fit waist massager
  • It has all the atmosphere of a Redd Foxx or LaWanda Page show, at times sounding like a LAFF RECORDS release from early 70s !
  • The timing, as well as the calculated and perceptive observations about everything he discusses, make for some of the sharpest comedic deliveries
  • The editing on this is frustratingly safe, the Michael Jackson section has blatantly been chopped out, listen to the actual show for full unexpurgated disclosure

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