Joey Conzo

Been listenin to alot of Cold Crush tapes recently, and naturally, imagining Caz, JDL, Charly Chase, the Almighty KG and the rest on stage doin their routines

Joe Conzo was an integral part of the documentation of Hip-Hops baby steps, and if DJ Tony Tone, whom allegedly never left the girls alone, hadnt ended up at the same high-school as his mucker Joey Conzo, we may not have had the fortune to enjoy the pictorial evidence of those baby steps 30 years later. If yer in the UK, you can still pick up Johan Kugelbergs incredible book, featuring hundreds of shots by Joey, for less than a ten spot. This book is Hip-Hop.

Joey is also the most humble and down to earth Hip-Hop pioneer youll have the fortune to meet, and you can find his latest t-shirt designs over at Sedgwick & Cedar

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