You Ain’t Just A Fool, You’s An Old Fool

Best use of Impeach? Regardless, shouts to the DC badman

3 responses to “You Ain’t Just A Fool, You’s An Old Fool

  1. Not in my top 5 uses of Impeach.., imo (in no order : Gangsta’s Fairytale 2 by Cube, Do The James, Moses by Ricky, Unbelivable, and Braggin’ And Boastin’ by The JBs) but a great song nontheless, and Spoonie is my favourite of the class of ’79 rappers as he was the only one of those guys who adapted to all the various mutations rap went through from ’79 – ’89 by releasing a classic 12″ in each era.

  2. word to m.f, you might just be right.unbelievable is a pretty dope flip of impeach…
    spoonie had a better voice than biggie tho, innit?

  3. bizarrely enough, i’m putting my money on asher roth’s i love college.cos it went so well with the weezer sample.often people just use drums, but don’t think about how they affects the mood of the song.
    my other fave would be “the bridge”, marley just had the dirty, dirty beats.

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