“approach, i coerce the listener, so listen up”

this could be my favorite song.this year.this remix from buddakriss kings the original.

does good scratching ever sound out of date?i personally don’t think so.evidence is awesome here.truly

if it doesn’t make sense, listen harder.there are hiddens depths you won’t find elsewhere.

we’ve dumbed this music down enough.gems dropped.but it’s mostly the voice.

3 responses to ““approach, i coerce the listener, so listen up”

  1. dope as f*^k…is this off a new album or am i just late on this?

  2. Evidence is indeed a gifted MC. This is a pretty raw track and yes, the scratching perfectly matches the song.

    *clicks ‘Like’*

  3. yes, ben, thanks for the comments over the months..
    i know it’s controversial, but i don’t think there is anyone fucking with ev in terms of gravitas, the slow flow cadence, and choice of beats.of course it helps that he’s best buds with the alchemist!
    i personally can’t wait for “cats and dogs”
    sir styles.1 third of the hotasballs family.

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