Bizmarkie and Tim Westwood on N-Sign Radio TV Show – 1988

Too many cringingly horrific moments on this clip to simply post without comment. With the numerous options of handshake within the Hip-Hop community, the miscommunication between two people apropo a straight forward handshake can be awkward if misdirected, Biz and Timothy are no different. Tim informs us of his ‘Urban Street Revenge’ and his erm, ‘king size’ attitude, and yes, the MA1 was the height or sartorial street elegance at the time

The 24 year old Biz in this clip proves why he has become an absolute legend, as he explains the background behind Pickin Boogers [a Rap song about picking your nose, with all its merits and downfalls], and that it was a ‘story from his heart’…and if you were in any doubt about the political situation in the US, you know who to turn to for a rational studious report on the current climate

3 responses to “Bizmarkie and Tim Westwood on N-Sign Radio TV Show – 1988

  1. I think a strong case can be made for the awkward handshake being the first element of hip hop kulcha.

    • LMAO – Top man Brian, and sadly, the awkward handshake still occurs to this day.

      I gave up figuring out which form of gesticulation was suitable for an ageing b-boy a long time ago, im strictly an old-fashioned joint grasp type of fella, no pounds, no grapples, no back of the hand slapps et cet

  2. thats up there with the westwod/krs handshake..

    let’s take it back to goose jackets with the zip up hood, and reversable pepe jeans with the free, glow in the dark keyring, noice….topped of with hi-tec rap’ just don’t know how easy they got it.

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