Out to Distress Rap Show – Leaky Fresh & DJ Owen D – TAPE ONE – 30 November 1989

As well as doin our bit to point readers in the right direction when it comes to contemporary Rap singin wordsmiths we respect, we’ve harped on about the aural glory of listening back to US Hip-Hop radio shows from the golden days a few times here at the BALLS. This time round we wanna school you on a UK radio show from 1989, a very parochial sounding English Rap radio show by the name of the Out to Distress Rap Show.

Out to Distress was a programme presented by Leaky Fresh and DJ Owen D on Sunset 102FM from Manchester in the North of England [Incidentally, if anyone knows how long this show ran from, dont hesitate to let us know].

Mancunians on the whole are a top lot, and have a great sense of humour, this show highlights that humour and will hopefully enlighten those that havent heard of these guys before. Ostensibly yeh, its just another radio show from 89, and somewhat of a novelty to some no doubt, but its still dope to listen back through the hum and the squelchy interference and the sibilation of a 21 year old TDK AD90 cassette, or maybe its just us.

Weve left the local ads for ‘Imagine Cakes in the Arndale Centre’ in for all the Mancunians. We also left in a indecipherable station ID from James Todd Smith, Magenta De Vine doin a program ad for an environmentally friendly show using BDPs Bridge Is Over as an instrumental bed, as well as Leaky repeatedly and cringingly saying “In the Hez?”

I looked around and couldnt find any on the web, only a cheeky snap-shot on YOUTUBE, which is truly surprising as these guys were just as big in the north as people like Max and Dave or even Westwood were in the South. These shows are NOT exactly classic material as far as tracks or exclusives or demos or whatever, but for us Brits, Owen Ds mixing abilities were pretty hot for the period, and tbh, listening back, it’s as much about the atmosphere, the mistakes, the dead-air, and the foolish cross-atlantic twang that irked us all during this period when British identity was fundamental within Rap, as anything. The tracks on this tape, after the personally loathed Ladies First, and Doin Our Own Dang, are great, get past that and ye cant go wrong. Markey Fresh, Steady B, Dismasters are erm, sure-shots, and anything off Done by the Forces of Nature is guaranteed too, especially if Owen D is ripping two copies of it

As the playbacks on the Soundcloud page have been surprisingly hefty, with 350 plays in 3 weeks, and nearly 80 downloads in the same time [with only one comment, which wasnt even a thankyou], we’re about done with these rips. Just so you know. Sadly for you, we have hundreds and hundreds of old cassettes, true story. It’s a pretty simple affair, show gratitude and if you stick with us, you never know what treats the BALLS may bestow…

To the usual suspects who do get in touch on the regular, apologies for sounding bitter, but im sure you understand, we done sick of this. Dont get it like pretzels, we are happy just to share with you across the expected platforms and communities, but you know the deal.

If someone like Just Blaze can take time to say thanks, so can you.

Enjoy the show, it may just be the last youll see/ hear…

Out to Distress Rap Show – Leaky Fresh & DJ Owen D – TAPE ONE – 30 November 1989


Guy – Teddy’s Jam Extended 12″ Mix
Queen Latifah & Monie Love – Ladies First
Jungle Brothers – Doin Our Own Dang
Serious-Lee-Fine – We Can Do Better
Roxanne Shante – Fatal Attraction
Markey Fresh – The Mack of Rap
Dismasters – To Be Real
Hijack – Badman is Robbin’
Def Jef – Droppin Rhymes on Drums
Craig G – Slammin

Craig G – Slammin
Jungle Brothers – Beyond This World [Owen D Doubles]
Steady B – Mac Daddy
Big Daddy Kane – Aint No Stoppin Us
The D.O.C. – Portrait Of A Master Piece
MC Rajah – Lyrics With A Vengeance [Get You Back Mix]
3rd Bass – Brooklyn Queens
Jungle Brothers – Tribe Vibes
Lakim Shabazz – When a Wise Man Speaks
Big Daddy Kane – I Get the Job Done

12 responses to “Out to Distress Rap Show – Leaky Fresh & DJ Owen D – TAPE ONE – 30 November 1989

  1. I used to love listening to sunset when I went to uni up in manc in 91…leaky fresh and the spinmasters (808 state) were the soundtrack of my time up there.

    Its funny how this sorta thing is almost forgotten now, I tried googling this and came back with only a couple of hits – the scene outside of london really hasn’t been recorded at all…shame.

    I have some tapes in the loft somewhere, really need to get them down and start digitising.

    I’ll say thanks, even if no one else does!

  2. Only just started checking the blog, found it through The Martorialist.
    Great great stuff, so thanks… a big genuine thanks.

  3. leaky fresh is one of the greatest names ever.
    and big up spod for bigging us up.
    we do this for you, but we are all about positivity.
    long live the balls!

  4. @Spod – A party’s still a party no matter how late ye arrive, good to see you in the building fella…. Pop that cork.

    @Chris – This is exactly why we do this. I had no clue that 808 State were the Spinmasters, I remember hearin their name, I ambiguoulsy knew them as some type of Wild Bunch type DJ crew, but dont recall hearin anything.

    Im not sure if I have Out To Distress tapes from 91 but I will be gettin to more earlier ones soon if folk are interested, i’ll get to them in time so keep yer eyes on the erm, prize. It’s true about British Rap radio outside of London as im sure there were a few, I have a few Bus Diss shows too, one with good ole Chad Jackson in presenter mode. It’s painful to listen back to at times, but funny as all hell.

    Thanks again


  5. The spinmasters weren’t all of 808 state, think it was just 2 of them. As your blog (and a few others) has inspired me to start my own, I’ll make sure that’s one of the tapes I rip, if that’s your sorta thing.

    Cheers again

  6. You can find loads of the 808 state shows here http://www.808state.com/sounds/808djs.htm
    Its there official site.

  7. Here is a link to a gold mine of mixes from almost anyone you can think of


  8. Gotta say a big thanks for the link. Brilliant stuff, Very happy memories of Nude Night at Hacienda. Loads of tunes on there I had completely forgotten. Magic!

  9. Spent many a day wagging off college in slam jams with leaky fresh putting me on to the new tunes. He was a top guy and would happy listen to me beats and give me feedback. Happy times

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